Insights into taking medicine as a second degree

Three graduate entry students give their personal insights into taking medicine as a second degree.

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Introducing the panel members

Sarah Edbrooke is currently a 2nd year undergraduate medical student at the University of Manchester.

Logan Mitchell is currently a 1st year undergraduate medical student at the University of Glasgow.

Ozlem Boztepe is currently a 2nd year undergraduate at the University of Leeds.

Belinda Chihota

Belinda Chihota is currently at her final year studying BSc (Joint Honours) Human Biosciences and Health Studies degree at the University of Northampton. She is an aspiring medical student and recently applied for graduate entry medicine and is waiting to hear responses from her chosen universities. Belinda volunteers for the British Red Cross Ambulance and Event First Aid services which has given her useful experience and will help her gain entry into medical studies.

Belinda is looking to work in developing countries and return to her home country Zimbabwe to explore clinical research opportunities whilst practising as a clinician. Her goal is to ultimately offer medical services to others.

Listen to the panel answers to Belinda's questions:

Belinda asked the panel how they had found the transition from their degree into medicine.
Belinda also asked the panel for their reasons for selecting a five year rather than a four year course.

Monique Gallinetti

Monique Gallinetti is currently studying a highly technical software engineering course and has a strong passion for medicine and science. She has a special interest in traumatic brain, spinal injuries and in degenerative conditions such as MS, Motor Neurone Disease and Dementia.

Monique is looking to pursue a career in medicine, hoping to eventually qualify as a neurosurgeon.

Listen to the panel answers to Monique's questions:

Monique asked how mature students were viewed by their peers at medical school.
Monique also asked how important the BMAT and UKCAT* scores are in getting a placement.
Monique asked the panel what support they had received during their applications.
Monique enquired how much experience the panel would recommend before pursuing a medical career.

*In 2019, UKCAT was replaced by the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT). Find out more about the UCAT

Anusha Manjunath

Anusha Manjunath has graduated from the London School of Economics with a BA in history. She lives in Cardiff and has secured a job as a health care assistant (HCA) and will be starting her training in January.

Anusha is looking to pursue a career in medicine and gain more experience through working as a health care assistant.

Listen to the panel answers to Anusha's questions:

Anusha asked how the panel would advise potential medical students about getting an HCA job? (gaining an HCA role is really good work experience).

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