Anaesthesia associate

Anaesthesia associates (previously known as physicians’ assistants (anaesthesia)) are part of the multi-disciplinary anaesthesia team, led by a consultant anaesthetist, that looks after patients undergoing many aspects of critical care.

You’ll be trained to provide anaesthetic services, under supervision, in a variety of environments.

As an anaesthesia associate, you’ll provide anaesthetic services to patients requiring anaesthesia, respiratory care, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and/or other emergency, life sustaining services within the anaesthesia and wider theatre and critical care environments.

Although they have very similar names, the role of the anaesthesia associate and the physician associate are very different.

Working life

As an anaesthesia associate, your work will be closely supervised by a consultant anaesthetist and there will be clear boundaries about what you can and cannot do. Typically, the range of duties will include:

You will also deputise for anaesthetists in a variety of situations where your airway and venous cannulation skills will assist in patient care.

For further information about the role of anaesthesia associates please visit the Royal College of Anaesthetists website and the Association of Anaesthesia Associates website

Who will I work with?

As part of the anaesthetic team, you’ll work as part of a larger team that will typically include anaesthetists, doctors specialising in emergency medicine, theatre nurses, operating department practitioners, surgeons and clinical perfusion scientists.

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