Surgical care practitioner

Surgical care practitioners are established members of the surgery team within healthcare organisations. Their main responsibilities are to support surgeons and other professionals before, during and after surgical procedures.

Surgical care practitioners provide care in an operating theatre, on wards and in clinics. They are trained to undertake some surgical procedures under appropriate supervision and within their allowed scope of practice. They are directly responsible to the consultant surgeon.

surgical care practitioner

Working life

You'll be a trained clinical professional, such as a theatre nurse or operating department practitioner, who has received further training. You're trained to undertake a range of tasks in a surgical environment under the direct supervision of surgeon including:

Entry requirements

Education institutions will decide on their own specific academic requirements for entry onto their programme. However, the minimum entry requirements for entry to a recognised training programme are:

You'll also need 

Accreditation of prior experiential learning will be dependent upon the local Higher Education Institution requirements.

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