Skills and interests (director of public health)

This page describes some of the key skills needed by directors of public health (DPHs). 

There are wide variety of highly developed skills and qualities you will need to work as a director of public health. As well as having an in-depth understanding of public health practice, you'll be able to use your specialist knowledge to influence, advise and guide the delivery of services and public health priorities. 

Director of public health in conversation

As a DPH, you’ll be part of a wider team of people working at lots of different levels, with different cultures and in different settings. As such, you’ll need to be able to relate well to others and have excellent overall interpersonal skills to enable effective working. Promoting fairness and equity will be a crucial quality in your day-to-day work. 

You'll want to make a real difference to people’s lives and have a passion for the delivery of improved health outcomes for individuals, groups and communities. 

Directors of public health have skills and knowledge primarily at levels 8 and 9 of the Skills for Health Career Framework

You might also find it helpful to take a look at our career planning section to think more about the and skills and qualities you have to offer.

Additional skills needed by DPHs include:  

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