Entry requirements (public health practitioner)

Here, you can find out more about the various entry requirements for working as a public health practitioner. 

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There are no set entry requirements to become a public health practitioner. Many roles do not have clearly defined training routes and, currently, registration as a “practitioner” with the UK Public Health Register (UKPHR) is voluntary. This is unlike some other public health roles, for example, public health nurse and health visitor for which registration is mandatory in order to practise.

At present you can only apply to register as a public health practitioner with UKPHR through a local assessment and verification scheme. 

An example entry route would be to get a qualification and experience working in a public health-related area. Depending on the specific practitioner role, related qualifications could include a first level degree in public health or related area, nursing, environmental health, or sport and exercise. Experience might include working with communities or groups, or working in a knowledge and intelligence role.

A degree apprenticeship standard for environmental health practitioners and a degree apprenticeship standard for public health practitioners have been approved for delivery. Vacancies will appear on the Government Find an Apprenticeship website and in other locations listed under the Job market and vacancies section of our role page

For more senior posts a Master’s Degree in Public Health (or equivalent experience) is often a requirement.

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