Offering careers information, advice and guidance

We have a series of resources and tools to help teachers, trainers and careers advisers bring the range of opportunities in health to life.

Health Careers resources

Real life, your life is an online suite of resources, activities and supporting materials for key stage 4 learners. They can be delivered as part of work in citizenship, PSHE, English, drama, careers advice or the Society health and development diploma.

Our work experience toolkit covers work experience in the NHS, with practical examples of how work experience needs have been accommodated in a variety of healthcare settings.

The Health Careers course finder lists all clinical courses that lead to professional registration.

Teachers and careers advisers can bulk order our literature, including booklets about each of the main health career categories and A career for you in health which provides a snapshot of around 60 health careers.

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Your local NHS

As well as the information we provide here, practical help and resources should also be available through your local NHS organisations. Each trust has its own policies and ways of working, but may be able to:

These experiences can be of real value as students decide what kind of career they may want to pursue. To find your local health organisation, visit the NHS Choices website.

Support for doctors and medical students

Sometimes doctors and medical students need support in their careers. We have a range of support for careers advisers working with doctors, including tools and exercises

More than 350 health roles

Our Explore roles section gives an overview of the wide range of career opportunities in health.

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