Returning to a health career

You may wish to return to working in the NHS, perhaps after a break to raise a family, or after a career change.

Opportunities to return to practice depend on the area of the country you are in, your profession and how long you have been away. You may need to update your registration or undertake a refresher course. Financial assistance may be available, depending on your locality.

District nurse driving to work

How has the NHS changed?

What do I do next?

Contact the HR department of local NHS organisations. You can find local NHS organisation contact details on the NHS Jobs website

We also have more information for those looking to return to:

Across the UK

If you'd like to return to work in the NHS in Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales, contact the relevant organisation below.

For Scotland, visit:

NHS Education for Scotland

For Northern Ireland, visit:
Health, Social Services and Public Safety

For Wales, visit:
NHS Wales Careers: Return to Practice

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