At secondary school or FE college

It is never too soon to be thinking about your future.

Whether you're deciding which GCSE subjects to choose, in the middle of your A-levels or other level-3 qualifications, finishing a course at college, or looking for a job, this website has lots of useful information to help you. 

Did you know there are more than 350 health roles to choose from? Have a look at our Explore roles section to find out more and use the compare roles functionality to help you decide which roles might suit you. 

And click on the links below for specific information to help you wherever you are in your school or college journey: 

There's also information if you're looking to get some experience

Step into the NHS 

Step into the NHS is a website designed to raise awareness amongst secondary school age students. Students can take the career mapper quiz to see which career suits them and check the results against over 60 example careers in the job descriptions section. Also available are over 20 staff videos, providing an insider's view on working in the NHS.

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