Career opportunities for doctors

Training to be a doctor has many different potential career avenues. This page outlines the different career opportunities and support options that are available to doctors.

In addition to the standard roles available to doctors there are also alternative career opportunities available to you. These may be as part of your specialty training programme, as a consultant, out of your training programme or outside of clinical medical practice altogether.

Having flexibility and support during your working life is essential to all doctors at one stage or another. The following links provide information, advice and further links for supporting you through a number of different circumstances and career opportunities.

Clinical academic careers: Find out why a clinical academic career might suit you and the types of clinical research programmes available.

Locum work for doctors: to find out about the flexibility of locum working in between training or at different stages throughout your career and how this may benefit you take a look at locum work for doctors.

SAS doctors: do you have 4 years or more experience in a specialty but don’t feel the role of a consultant is where you want to direct your future career. Click here to find out more about becoming a SAS doctor instead.

Starting a family as a doctor: beginning a family of your own for many doctors is an important aspect of life. Find out about the different ways you can shape your career to starting a family as a doctor.

Less than full time training: you may want to consider completing your training on a less than full time basis. Find out more about less than full time training opportunities.

Doctors with disabilities: to find out what advice and support there is available to you if you have a mental health issue or a physical disability follow this link to doctors with disabilities.

Volunteering opportunities for doctors: offering your skills and time to your community on a voluntary basis is a rewarding opportunity for doctors throughout their career. Find out more about volunteering opportunities for doctors.

Medical experience abroad: are you interested in getting medical experience abroad? Looking to volunteer abroad? Want to read about other doctors’ experiences of working abroad? Or are you working abroad already and are now looking to plan your return to training in the UK? Start planning your medical experiences abroad.

Alternative roles for doctors: to discover alternative careers in which your skills as a doctor could be transferable take a look at the alternative roles for doctors.

Medic Mentors: applying to Medic Mentor for a voluntary, part-time or full-time role to inspire the doctors of tomorrow and empower the doctors and medical students of today. Find out more about Medic Mentors 

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