Insights into the foundation programme

Four foundation doctors give their personal insights into questions raised by medical students.

Open forum - panel members

Introducing the panel memebers

Francesca Kum is an F2 doctor at Medway  NHS Foundation Trust.  She is keen to pursue a career in Surgery, however her shortlist of subspecialties is still evolving.

Kavita Aggarwal is an F1 at the South Thames Foundation School who studied at Imperial College London.  She hopes to have a successful career in Ophthalmology that will combine her loves for medicine, surgery, travelling and teaching.

Tim Robbins is an academic foundation year 2 doctor at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust.  He has a particular interest in clinical research, focusing on endocrinology and health systems.

Arun Gulati is an F2 doctor currently training in the East of England, with aspirations of pursuing a career in anaesthetics/ITU.

Lucy Greehy

Lucy Greehy is a second year medical student at the University of Leeds.  She is interested in a career in emergency medicine.

Listen to the panel answers to Lucy's questions:

Lucy asked how to enhance your CV whilst at medical school.
Lucy asked how members of the panel decided on the locations when they were looking to apply for foundation jobs.

Amy Cleese

Amy Cleese is a year 1 graduate entry medical student at the University of Southampton Medical School.  She's enjoying medical school and looks forward to honing her skills so that she can practise medicine across the globe.

Listen to the panel answers to Amy's questions:

Amy asked the panel at which point they made their specialty choices.

Muhammad Khan

Muhammad Khan is intercalating a degree at the University of Liverpool.  He wishes to pursue a career in academia with a particular focus on diabetes and obesity.

Listen to the panel answers to Muhammad's questions:

Muhammad asked a question about the balance between academic and clinical work as an academic foundation doctor.

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