Rehabilitation engineering

Rehabilitation engineering encompasses a team of people assessing and responding to the needs of people with disabilities.

In this area of healthcare science, you’ll be involved in designing artificial body parts, measuring walking characteristics to improve the function of artificial limbs, and surgical corrections of deformities.

Working life

Modern techniques such as keyhole and robotic surgery have been achieved with the support of biomechanical engineering.

Healthcare science staff working in rehabilitation engineering are part of the rehabilitation team. They play a key role in the assessment of the individual needs of people with a disability and in the prescription of assistive technology to meet those needs.

In this area of healthcare science, you’ll provide standard and custom-made assistive technology including:

You’re likely to be involved in the designing, building and testing of such assistive technology. You may also be responsible for quality assurance.

Who will I work with?

As part of the rehabilitation team, you would typically work alongside prosthetists and orthotists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, specialist nurses, doctors specialising in rehabilitation medicine and equipment manufacturers.

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