Pay rates in local government

This page is only a guide to NJC pay rates (as from April 2020), which are local government pay rates that are also extensively used in the voluntary and community sector. 

They result from negotiations between trade unions and Local Government Employers and apply in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. NJC rates are based on local government working hours of 37 hours per week. 

If you work in a public health role and are an employee of a local government, voluntary or community sector organisation, these pay rates may apply to you. The following is a guide only to NJC pay rates from April 2020.

It is important to be aware that unlike other parts of the public sector, there are no nationally-determined scales / grades / bands in local government. The rates indicated below are for illustrative purposes only, since the number of points in each scale is determined locally. So you should always check with the employer to confirm the pay rate for any post for which you are applying as such decisions are entirely a matter for local determination.

Please note that official NJC points stop at point 43 and the following is for guidance only based on typical locally determined pay points; however any NJC agreed increase is applied to local pay points. 

The salaries for spinal column points above those listed below will vary from council to council.

There are many entirely local terms and conditions, including car allowances.

Point 1           £17,842
Point 2           £18,198
Point 3           £18,562
Point 4           £18,933
Point 5           £19,312
Point 6           £19,698
Point 7           £20,092
Point 8           £20,493
Point 9           £20,903
Point 10         £21,322
Point 11         £21,748
Point 12         £22,183
Point 13         £22,627
Point 14         £23,080
Point 15         £23,514
Point 16         £24,012
Point 17         £24,491
Point 18         £24,982
Point 19         £25,481
Point 20         £25,991
Point 21         £26,511
Point 22         £27,041
Point 23         £27,741
Point 24         £28,672
Point 25         £29,577
Point 26         £30,451
Point 27         £31,346
Point 28         £32,234
Point 29         £32,910
Point 30         £33,782
Point 31         £34,728
Point 32         £35,745
Point 33         £36,922
Point 34         £37,890
Point 35         £38,890
Point 36         £39,880
Point 37         £40,876
Point 38         £41,881
Point 39         £42,821
Point 40         £43,857
Point 41         £44,863
Point 42         £45,859
Point 43         £46,845

Salaries for spinal column points beyond point 43 will vary from council to council. 

This page has been updated based on the Local Government services' pay agreement 2020/21 published by the National Joint Council for local government services.

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