Applying for medical jobs

Educational supervisors are advised to encourage foundation trainees and trainees getting into further specialty training to follow the applications and interviews advice on this website.

The following information may also be useful.

Application forms

Ask your trainee:

  • are they clear they are going to meet the application deadlines?
  • have they checked their answers tally with the specific criteria as outlined in the person specification? Have they made sure their answers do not involve simply repeating the wording of the person specification on your actual application form?
  • have they checked and re-checked their spelling and grammar?


Ask your trainee:

  • have they thought about the questions they are likely to be asked and planned some strong answers? (You can then discuss these)
  • have they prepared a small number of examples from their learning portfolio that clearly demonstrate their key skills and abilities?
  • have they also prepared some suitable examples in case they are asked about areas in which they’re weaker, or about mistakes they’ve made in the past? (Again, you can discuss these)
  • what specific concerns do they have about the interview process? How are they intending to address these concerns? Who else could help them?
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