FAQs about our course finder

This page tells you about our course finder and answers some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Use our course finder to search for clinical courses.

What if I can’t find courses for the career I’m interested in?

Our course finder lists clinical courses that lead to eligibility to apply for initial statutory professional registration (e.g. as a nurse, occupational therapist or dentist).

We do not list any other courses, such as short courses, post qualifying courses or those relating to continuing professional development (CPD). For details of these, you could try contacting:

If the career you’re interested in isn’t listed in the drop-down box, try using the general search facility on this website.

If you need further help, please contact Health Careers using the contact form or by calling 0345 60 60 655.

I'm getting a 'No results found' message when I'm searching. Does that mean that there aren't any courses?

Not necessarily. If you are getting a ''No results found' message, it could be that you have used too many filters and are restricting the results too much. Try removing one or more of the filters and searching again. 

If you need further help, please contact Health Careers using the contact form or by calling 0345 60 60 655.

Where can I find information on post-qualifying courses and CPD (continuing professional development)?

Contact your professional body and local higher education institution(s). We also list some courses (as well as conferences and other events) in our events section.

Find out more about professional development

What is an accelerated (graduate entry) course?

If you are a graduate, it’s possible to take a shortened graduate-entry course leading to eligibility to apply for registration for certain clinical careers. This is because you may be able to get accreditation for prior learning (through a process known as APEL) for your first degree subject. In the majority of cases, your first degree usually needs to be relevant to accelerated course you wish to take. However, there are a number of accelerated courses for which your first degree subject does not have to be in a related subject.

Use our course finder to find accelerated courses, by selecting 'Accelerated (graduate entry)' from the 'Type of qualification' field, then contact the universities you are considering to check whether your degree subject is acceptable for entry.

As a university, how can we update our course details?

Please email advice@healthcareers.nhs.uk providing the required changes.

On your coursefinder you list entry requirements (grades) for medicine. Why don’t you provide this for other subjects?

The information we’ve provided about entry requirements has been provided by the Medical Schools Council as part of some work it has been doing around widening participation (broadening access to applicants who wouldn’t otherwise be considering medical school).

We do not have information about widening participation activities for other courses. We’d recommend that you contact the university/universities you’re interested in directly, to see if they are operating any particular widening participation initiatives.

Where can I find out about return to practice (RTP) courses in nursing?

Details of return to practice courses in nursing in England can be found on Health Education England's Comeback to Nursing website

Details of return to practice courses in nursing (as well as midwifery and specialist community public health nursing) in Wales can be found on the NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership website

Where can I find out about apprenticeships?

We don't list details of apprenticeships on our course finder. For general information about apprenticeships in the health sector, take a look at our page about apprenticeships, traineeships and cadetships. For general information about the different levels and types of apprenticeship, visit the Get in, go far website.

You can search for live vacancies on the NHS Jobs website, and the Get in, go far website

Does the course finder list details of apprenticeship vacancies in the health sector?

No, we don't list details of apprenticeship vacancies on our course finder. However, you can search for live vacancies on the NHS Jobs website, and the Gov.uk website.

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