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Download (15 inspirational postcards.zip - 47.42 MB)

15 inspirational postcards

Each of our eye-catching postcards has a strong image and messaging that: 

  • busts some of the myths about working in the NHS 
  • provides information about NHS apprenticeships 
  • encourages people to find a more satisfying career 
  • has more information about each theme and details of where to find out more.  

Download a zip file for all 15 postcards containing print-ready PDFs and adaptable InDesign files above.

Links to each individual postcard, along with information about which card is most useful for school and college students, graduates or career changers, are below.

On these pages, you can download print-ready PDFs and InDesign files for local adaptation/printing. 

We can provide up to 50 copies of each printed postcard, once a month. This is to ensure there is enough stock for the local NHS, schools, colleges and other organisations across the country.

Order by emailing [email protected] or phoning us on 0345 60 60 655, quoting the relevant stock codes and the amount you need.

As they are reprinted, QR codes will be added to each postcard so people can access relevant online content. 

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