Transcript for Dr Meng Aw-Yong video

Download (Dr. Meng Aw-Yong - What is the Buzz with Emergency Medicine.pdf - 24.15 KB)

Dr Meng Aw-Yong gives his personal insight into a career in Emergency Medicine and is clearly passionate about the work.

Dr Aw Yong has extensive trauma training and experience. He was part of the team on duty when Hillingdon received casualties from the Southall train crash and after the M4 bus crash. He has also worked in sports medicine, working as a circuit medical officer for Motorbike racing at the TT Isle of Man races, World  & British Superbike and as crowd doctor for  Queens Park Rangers Football Club from 1996. He has frequently dealt with poly and multi trauma in motor racing and was the Medical Incident Officer during the Millwall v Birmingham Football riot dealing with the injuries sustained by the police and members of the public.

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