Experienced paramedic

Once you have been working as a registered paramedic for two years, you can progress to roles that allow you to carry out more treatments, specialise in specific areas and take on more responsibility.

Working life

Once you have two years' experience as a registered paramedic, you can progress to be a: 


Paramedics in these roles have the necessary experience and training to make decisions and treat patients at the emergency scene. As a result, the patient may not need to go to hospital and experienced paramedics can treat people at home.

You'll need: 

As an experienced paramedic, you may, for example:

You’ll do shift work, including evenings and weekends, and also on-call work. As part of a team, working with other healthcare professionals, you’ll have your own area of responsibility and be able to provide care independently.

Working from a response car, GP surgery or urgent care centre, you will assess patients with symptoms and conditions such as suspected fractures or chest pain. You might also see patients in nursing or residential homes, schools or prisons. You will take a patient’s medical history, examine them and order tests and scans where necessary.

There are also opportunities for experienced paramedics with extended qualifications to move into executive director posts, research and teaching roles.

Personal characteristics 

Experienced paramedics need to be: 

Training and development

Training will include continual professional development (CPD) through a mix of self-directed and mandatory skill refresher courses. 

You may also be expected to undergo Paramedic Practice Educator (PPEd) training so you can mentor the next generation of paramedics, technicians and emergency care assistants. And you can undertake specialist training so you can prescribe a range of medication, for example if you are based in a GP surgery or A&E department. 

You may have to gain further qualifications to progress too, depending on which qualifications you currently hold and which type of experienced paramedic you are.

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