Real-life story - Elisha Miller

Elisha's first job after school was as an urgent call taker in the control centre at Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust. She soon moved through the ranks. 

Elisha Miller


Employer or university
West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust
Salary range

How I got into the role

My first job after school was urgent call taker in the control centre at Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust. I handled calls from district nurses, hospital staff, residential and nursing homes, and GPs, and decided on the best type of response for their patients.

That experience started me thinking about a career as a paramedic and, when I finished my sports studies degree, I got a place on the two-year foundation degree paramedic science programme. During the course, I worked as a first aider at the students union during evening events which gave me fantastic experience of assessing people’s injuries and deciding on the most appropriate ongoing care for them.

I graduated as a paramedic in summer 2013 and started work at West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust.

What I do

As an autonomous practitioner at the scene of an emergency, I undertake a detailed assessment of the patient and carrying out life-saving treatment where necessary.

We have a wide range of drugs and equipment to ensure patients receive high-quality care at the scene, and refer them for the most appropriate ongoing care, whether that’s to hospital, their GP or social services, or a question of showing the patient how to manage their own care after the incident.

The best bits and challenges

There’s lots of room for career progression in this role, for example to advanced paramedic or emergency care practitioner. Most of all, I love the feeling that I’ve helped others in their moment of need, whether it’s a patient having a heart attack or an elderly patient who’s fallen over and just needs a helping hand to stand up.

I enjoy the challenge of handling different emergencies every day and helping others when they need it most. 

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