Insights into applying to medical school

Five medical students give their personal insights into questions about applying to medical school.

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Introducing the panel members

Catherine Johnston is currently a 1st year undergraduate medical student at Queen's University Belfast.

Jaymesh Shah is currently a 2nd year undergraduate medical student at University of Liverpool.

Lydia Acquah is currently a 2nd year undergraduate medical student at Imperial College London.

Whitney General is currently between 2nd and 3rd year at University of Bristol.

Georgina Lennon-Butler is currently a 2nd year undergraduate medical student at University of Bristol.

Nira Futter

Nira Futter is currently an undergraduate undertaking an "Access to Medicine" diploma at Sussex Downs College. It is a year-long level 3 qualification designed for mature students who are eager to study medicine. She has applied to 4 universities for medicine A100 for the 2015 entry through UCAS. Nira works part-time in social care, and prior to study, her career was in care service management. She also volunteers at the King's College Hospital.

Nira is looking to become a doctor and her aim is to become hospital-based rather than entering into general practice. She has an interest in neurology and neuropsychiatry as her social care experience is in working with people with epilepsy and brain injury.

Listen to the panel answers to Nira's questions:

Nira asked how the panel's experience of medical school had been compared to what they imagined before starting.
Nira asked the panel to share their experiences of lecture versus problem-based learning (PBL) approaches to their courses.

Erica Jordan

Erica Jordan is currently in lower sixth studying AS level biology, chemistry, geography and psychology.

She is looking to study medicine, with a particular interest in specialising in radiology. However, she is constantly on the hunt for work experience in order to expand her prospects and discover other possibilities.

Listen to the panel answers below to Erica's questions:

Erica asked for any advice on securing work experience in a rural location.
Erica asked if they had researched the lifestyle of doctors before making their applications.

Sophie Quinn

Sophie Quinn is from Swansea and is currently in year 12 studying AS levels in Maths, Further Maths, Biology and Chemistry.

After completing her A Levels Sophie is looking to study medicine.

Listen to the panel answers below to Sophie's questions:

Sophie enquired about the interview process and whether the panel had any tips about interviews.
Sophie also asked if the panel had experienced any human cadaver dissection on their courses.

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