"The idea of helping the NHS to function whilst working with computers was appealing."

Harry began his IT career two and a half years ago as an informatics apprentice and is now an IT support technician at Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.  

Harry Brown

IT support technician

Employer or university
Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Harry Brown NHS IT Support Technician
  • When I was younger, some of my close relatives, who were working in IT, introduced me to computers. Through using computers, for example playing games, I began to develop an interest in them. I proceeded to develop my IT knowledge further through school work and I began building and fixing computers as a hobby. 

    I wanted to have a job that interested me so I decided that a career in IT was it for me. To begin my IT career, I applied for an informatics apprenticeship with the NHS and was successful. The idea of helping the NHS to function whilst working with computers was also very appealing. 


  • I investigate and resolve technical issues with hardware and software in four different NHS sites, including two hospitals. The issues can vary from fixing a broken printer to fixing clinical software that is not working.  

    I also assist in planning and carrying out new hardware and software installations. This includes upgrading all the electrical appliances in clinics and other places. 

  • My favourite part of the job is when I walk into a department or ward where I have recently helped to install devices and seeing how the department is fully operational and that the devices are being used to help people get better.   

    My apprenticeship has helped my professional development as it has allowed for me to develop a greater understanding of a wide range of topics relating to my job role, through tutor-led learning, whilst also getting on-the-job experience and gaining a few internationally recognised qualifications such as the Microsoft Office Master Qualification. 

    I am most proud of being offered a full-time job after completing my apprenticeship with my current employer. My employer is looking to develop my team leadership skills and technical knowledge further by sending me on more courses to gain qualifications, such as the Comptia A+. 

    A major challenge in my role is that there can be multiple causes for an issue and it means taking time to investigate the problem and getting to the root of the problem so we can resolve it. Sometimes it means the device will not be functioning for a while until we find the cause. 

  • I enjoy building computers and doing this has helped me develop a vast understanding of computer hardware.  

    I also enjoy running with my running partners, which I believe has helped improve my communication and teamwork skills. Running helps me destress and maintain a healthy work-life balance. 

  • I would advise someone looking to work in IT in the NHS to have an interest in computers and be able to adapt to situations whilst under a lot of pressure.  

    The three main skills/attributes I believe that are required for this role is adaptability, teamwork and good personal time management. 

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