"Medics often come to the lab with unusual and interesting cases which we often help them solve."

Ravind always wanted to work in biomedical science but he volunteered in his microbiology department to make sure it was the career for him. 

Ravind Singh Bhangal

Biomedical scientist

Employer or university
The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust
Salary range
  • Before starting my degree in biomedical science, I had to complete a foundation course.  

    Whilst studying, I used my initiative and volunteered in the microbiology department at my local hospital. I knew that working in biomedical science was something I wanted to do but I wanted to get some experience before making a final decision. I completed my placement year at Huddersfield before finishing the final year of my degree.

    I continued working at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary after graduating as a band 4 associate practitioner. During this time I took on the role of point of care liaison officer, which involved visiting local GPs and showing them how pathology can help improve and deliver an excellent service.

  • In this role, you have to keep up to date with news about and changes to the field. I start the day with a coffee, reading emails and checking the Health Protection Agency website.

    I then start my ‘bench work’, which involves interpreting bacterial cultures from patient samples by examining bacteria under microscopes. Medics often come to the lab with unusual and interesting cases which we often help them solve.

    At lunchtime, there are often seminars that I can attend. I then finish the afternoon completing any outstanding work and reporting results.  

  • I knew all along that I wanted to do something that makes a difference and betters the lives of others and I’m now able to help people, using scientific methods and the skills I’ve gained.

    I was supported to complete an MSc and my research as part of it contributed to improving the investigations we carry out on patients.

  • As my job tends to keep me indoors and in a lab, I like to spend a lot of my own time outdoors. I am a keen trail runner and hiker; I participate in trail run races and I particularly enjoy going to the Lake District.

    In 2014 I also completed the National Three Peaks challenge, raising money for the Guide dogs for the Blind Association.  

  • My interest in biomedical science has grown throughout my career and I have now decided to complete a PhD in ancient arctic microorganisms and the impact on public health. 

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