Nuclear medicine (healthcare scientist)

Nuclear medicine is the use of radioactive substances (such as radiolabelled pharmaceuticals) to help diagnose and treat patients.

In this area of healthcare science, you’ll be actively involved in treating patients.


Role overview

Nuclear medicine uses small amounts of radioactive substances to look at what is happening the body, not just the physical changes that have already taken place. Images are taken which allow problems to be diagnosed, prevented and sometimes treated.

Working life

As a healthcare science practitioner working in nuclear medicine, you’ll be administering radiolabelled pharmaceuticals to patients and then taking images and measurements using highly sophisticated equipment.

You’ll also:

Who will I work with?

You’ll work as part of a team which includes other healthcare science staff working in physical science and biomedical engineering, doctors specialising in nuclear medicine and radiology and specialist nurses.

"I enjoy caring for patients and making a difference to patients’ lives." Rebecca's Pinhorne, Clinical technologist in nuclear medicine

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