Training and development (decontamination service managers)

Training for managerial positions in decontamination services is available at various levels

Training and development

As a decontamination technician you will usually have been supported to achieve the IDSc Technical Certificate Decontamination. This will be important for supervisory positions.

To develop your career into more senior supervisory and junior managerial positions, you’ll be supported by your employer to study for the Foundation Degree in Decontamination Sciences. This course is currently only offered by Anglia Ruskin University on a distance learning basis, and can be studied either full-time over 2 years or part-time over 4 years.

Find out more about the Foundation degree at Anglia Ruskin University

A BSc (Hons) Decontamination Sciences programme is available as a 2-year top up on a distance learning basis, also by Anglia Ruskin University.

Find out more about the BSc (Hons) top up degree at Anglia Ruskin University.

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