Decontamination services management

As a manager of decontamination services, you’ll have overall responsibility for ensuring that reusable medical devices are decontaminated and reprocessed to the required standards and that all your staff are properly trained.

You’ll be responsible for planning and managing staff, budgets and other resources within the decontamination/sterile services department.

Working life

Decontamination services are responsible for ensuring that reusable medical devices, such as endoscopes and other surgical devices eg instruments are cleaned, disinfected, sterilised and repackaged to high standards, ready for reusing in operating theatres and other areas of health care.

Roles in decontamination services management 

Roles here include:

Senior manager

As the most senior manager within this area of healthcare science, you’ll typically:

Within your decontamination service, you will have a range of staff including managers working at supervisory and deputy management levels and decontamination technicians

Senior supervisor/deputy manager

Working at a senior supervisory or deputy managerial role, you may be given responsibility for some or all of the following tasks:

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