Real-life story - Gemma Sayer

Gemma has a passion for midwifery and gained extensive experience as a nursery assistant and healthcare support worker before taking a midwifery degree at the University of Bradford.

Gemma Sayer


Employer or university
Airedale NHS Foundation Trust
Salary range

How I got into the role/scheme/apprenticeship?

Working for 12 years on the maternity unit at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust was where I found my passion for midwifery. I started out as a nursery assistant, helping to care for the children on the unit, and then moved to a healthcare assistant role in the maternity unit where I supported the midwives and helped in theatres during Caesarean sections and other assisted deliveries. I also completed my NVQ level 2 and 3 in care.

I was keen to develop my midwifery skills and knowledge so I did an access (to university) course part time, which included getting my English and maths GCSEs. The course gave me enough UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) points to do a midwifery degree at the University of Bradford. I qualified and registered as a midwife in 2013.

What I do

As part of a multidisciplinary obstetric and midwifery team, I provide holistic, client-centred and culturally sensitive care to women and their families during labour and birth. I also care for women ante and post-natally, communicating effectively to provide the health education information they need.

The best bits and challenges

I love providing support to women and their families during this life-changing event and helping to enhance their experience of pregnancy and childbirth. I am privileged to work with women from all backgrounds and enjoy supporting them as they adjust to life as a family according to their family’s culture and beliefs.

I feel passionate about midwifery and look forward to developing my skills and knowledge further now I’m qualified. My aim is to excel in each area of midwifery so that I’m giving the best care possible.

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