Real-life story - Shamina Akhtar

Shamima was offered a full-time role just weeks after starting as a temp. She has received all the support she needed to get used to the busy role and is now confident and happy that she is making a difference to patients.

Shamima Akhtar

Receptionist/health records

Employer or university
Royal Oldham Hospital
Salary range

It’s good to know that there’ll be plenty of opportunities when I’m ready

  • I work on the reception desk of the day-surgery unit, answering phones and checking patients in. I take a patient’s details, enter the information on to the system and then I take the patient up to the ward with their notes. It’s quite busy here most of the time – in fact it can get hectic – but there’s a great atmosphere and it’s a really friendly place to work.

    I work mainly with the other administration staff but I also deal with doctors and nurses as well as the patients and their relatives, so there’s plenty of variety.

  • We get a lot of calls from patients about their appointments,  at first I was worried I wouldn’t be able to deal with it, but I have had plenty of support and now I feel confident sorting out their queries. It’s nice to know you’ve helped someone.

  • I came here on a temporary contract last year and after just a few weeks I was offered a full-time job. I was really pleased because by then I’d settled in and was enjoying it. It’s a bit early to think about developing my career just yet but it’s good to know that there’ll be plenty of opportunities when I’m ready.

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