"I have a good career, my voice matters."

Monica is a registered Mental Health Nurse from Mumbai. Listen to her story and hear how her career is developing with the help of day-to-day tailored support from her managers.

Monica Silviya Dsouza

Mental health nurse

Hi, I’m Monica Dsouza and I am a registered mental health nurse here in the UK and I work at Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust.

Career progression is an integral part of my life. I get regular supervision currently with my manager and my clinical manager, which assures me that they are interested in my career progression.

It doesn’t feel pressurised at all, for example, this morning I was having a discussion about my career progression in regards to what I would want to study further in the UK. Is it leadership? Is it practice development? Or is it a certificate course in education? So, that makes me and my career progression feel valued.

If a nurse is thinking of joining the NHS, they should know that the opportunities are abundant and not just as a nurse, there are opportunities to progress further as well. The best part about the NHS 

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