Identifying transferable skills

This page will help you identify them and you can also find out about topping up your qualifications or work experience. A wide range of skills and experiences are valuable to healthcare and organisations like the NHS. 

You are bound to have some skills that you could use in a career in health. It could be as simple as identifying what they are. 

The following may help you identify what you can bring to healthcare and help you find a way in. These transferable skills include:

Caring for people

People skills

Most healthcare jobs involve working with people and team work is very important. You could be:

Knowledge of science and technology

Organising and managing

Information technology

Practical skills and trades

What about qualifications?

Whatever level of qualifications you have, there will be a role in healthcare for you.

What if I don’t have experience in the area I am interested in?

If you don’t have sufficient relevant work experience in the area you are interested in getting into, you may need to consider voluntary work.

What next?

If you think there may be a role in healthcare for you:

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