Surgery has a complex training route as there is variation between different surgical specialties that lie within the broader surgical group.

Because of the many options available within surgery, it can offer a demanding and challenging career. In the later stages of training, surgery is a very competitive area of medicine and to succeed you have to be incredibly hard working and determined.

Surgery comprises ten main specialties which have further options for sub-specialisation embedded with them. Throughout a surgical career, surgeons will work in a number of different jobs.

Most surgical work takes place within hospital settings and as well as performing operations, surgeons will also undertake ward rounds, outpatient clinics, administrative duties and teaching.

Surgeons work within multi-disciplinary teams comprising for example nurses, anaethesitisits, radiologists and many others. You will find detailed information on these within the surgical specialties on these pages.

Women in Surgery

Women in Surgery (WinS) is a national initiative working to promote surgery as a career for women and to enable women who have chosen a career in surgery to realise their professional goals. Their website has numerous articles and news items.

Training Pathway

Most surgical specialties will involve two year Core Surgical Training which follows on from the two year post medical school Foundation Programme.

Core Surgical Training maybe linked or themed to a particular specialty or could comprise a generic surgical training programme to equip you with the required competencies to progress onto Specialty Training.

Please visit the surgical specialties pages on this site for detailed information about the training routes for the area of your interest.

Also see the recruitment website into Core Surgery (CT1).

Person specification

The Specialty Training website provides a person specification which lists eligibility criteria for Core Surgical Training, plus the personal, academic and clinical criteria on which recruitment is based.

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