Health records and patient administration

Health records and patient administration staff collate, store and retrieve records used in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. 

This page has information on the roles available in health records and patient administration with links to further information.

Working life

Health professionals need access to vital information at a moment's notice. This makes health records and patient administrators crucial to the delivery of healthcare. They are also responsible for promoting and supporting the effective use of data, information, knowledge and technology within their organisation.

Health records staff

Roles in health records and patient administration 

Explore some of the roles in health records and patient administration:

Health records assistant

A health records assistant undertakes routine administrative work in relation to health records. The role is likely to include:

Health records manager

A health records manager is responsible for the overall management of a department's health records service.  The role is likely to include:

​Medical summariser

A medical summariser summarises all medical notes and letters.  This provides healthcare professionals with an accurate, easily accessible electronic summary of a patient's medical history. This could be crucial information in an emergency situation.  The role is likely to involve:

Patient administrative team leader

A patient administration team leader is responsible for a small team of administration staff.  This role is likely to involve:

Waiting list co-ordinator

A waiting list coordinator completes and maintains the accuracy of waiting lists and plans patient activity to minimise waiting times and the ensure the best use of resources. This role is likely to involve:

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