Critical care science

Critical care science is about caring for patients who are critically ill.

As a healthcare scientist specialising in critical care, you have an expert knowledge of physiology and technology and the role they play in critical care.

Working life

As a healthcare scientist specialising in critical care, you’ll work as part of a multi-professional team delivering care to critically ill patients.

You’ll provide scientific expertise across several areas and be responsible for a range of life support monitoring and therapeutic systems. To do this, you’ll need specialist knowledge and understanding of relevant and up-to-date clinical, scientific and technical principles and practice and their application to broad areas of patient care (including complex and often non-routine intervention).

You’ll perform a number of key roles, such as:

You’re also likely to be involved in:

Who will I work with?

You will work as part of a team that includes doctors specialising in intensive care medicine, nurses, medical engineers and healthcare science staff working in renal technology.

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