Finance manager

Our finance managers make sure that our frontline staff have the resources they need to be able to deliver the treatment and care our patients need.

Managing the finances of an NHS organisation, whether it is a large hospital trust, ambulance service trust or clinical commissioning group, is like running the finances of a large company. As a finance manager, you’ll be responsible for ensuring that the funds for these organisations are allocated and spent appropriately for the good our staff and patients. 

Working life

In financial management, your role will incorporate managing budgets and deciding on resource allocation.

It will include:

Roles in financial management

There are a variety of job roles and job titles in financial management. Here are some examples:

Management accountant

In this example, you would work closely with the head of finance and:

Financial planning manager

Here, you will be:

Assistant director of finance

In this type of role, you will be

Head of finance

Working within an NHS trust or clinical commissioning group and in this example, you’ll have responsibility for the financial leadership of the information communication and technology programme across a number of NHS organisations to ensure that all statutory financial requirements are met.

There are opportunities to work in finance in non-managerial roles.

Find out more about non-management opportunities in finance

Who would I work with?

You could be working with, human resources managers, clinical managers and staff woking in strategic management.

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