Hotel services management

Hotel services managers are a vital part of the hospital team, ensuring the smooth running of the range of hotel services so that our patients' stay is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Working life

You’ll typically work as part of a team including staff responsible for domestic services, catering and linen as well as clinical staff. Your work involves:

You need:

In some services, you may also be involved in discussions and decisions about conference facilities.

Who would I work with?

You’d typically be working as part of a team with housekeepers, domestic services staff, catering staff, linen services staff and clinical staff, such as dietitians.

Roles in hotel services management

Responsibilities and job titles will vary depending on the role. Here are some examples of roles in hotel services management:

Contracts monitoring officer

In this example, working in a large acute NHS, you’d be responsible for:

Hotel services team leader

Working in a NHS and social care partnership, in this example supervisory role, you’d:

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