Is a public health career for you?

Find out more about six main areas of work in public health. Do your interests match the public health roles available?

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If you've watched the video, you will have seen six main areas that people may work in within public health:

  • improving people's health
  • protecting people's health
  • working with information
  • teaching and researching
  • maintaining and raising standards
  • leadership, planning and management

This list and the video will hopefully give you an idea of whether there are certain aspects of public health work that appeal to you more strongly than others. In reality, most public health roles will touch upon more than one of the six areas, but identifying those which appeal most to you should help you to identify roles of interest to you.

To discover more about what you're interested in and what roles might suit you, take a look at our document 'Is a career in public health for you?' You may also find it useful to take a look at our career planning section and visit our role pages as part of your thinking. 


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