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This page provides a guide for careers advisers to use when getting students ready for the world of work.

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Working in health

A health career is rewarding in several ways:

For some, but not all, jobs in health you will have to complete a course at university or college to equip you with the knowledge and skills you'll need. Whether you're planning to apply for a place on a course or for an actual job, below are a few ideas about what employers (and universities or colleges) usually look for in applications.

Whether you're applying for a course or a job in health, you'll be expected to demonstrate your understanding of the NHS values and how they apply in your everyday work.

Get experience

The single best thing you can do to prepare for a health career is to get some work experience or do voluntary work in an area of health and social care.

It will show you whether you'd like to work in this sector. And experience is something that employers and universities will be looking for when you apply for a course or a job.

Your school may already have contacts with local NHS and health employers who offer work experience programmes. Talk to your careers teacher. But there is also a variety of other volunteering opportunities, for example, in local care homes, that you could look into for yourself.

Find out more about the NHS values and behaviours.

Find out more about getting experience of the workplace

Your CV

Because you may have little, if any, experience of working other than at school, make sure your CV includes everything that demonstrates your ability to be part of a team and take responsibility for yourself and others. For example, include:

It is also vital that you think hard about why you are keen to follow a particular career and are creative in making the link between this and your own life experience so far.

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