Training, development and registration (clinical bioinformatics - physical sciences)

You enter bioinformatics - physical sciences through the NHS Scientist Training Programme.

Training and development

If you enter the NHS Scientist Training Programme (STP) you’ll be employed in a fixed-term, salaried training post and will study towards a Master's degree qualification in bioinformatics (physical sciences).

Programmes are often supported by the development of workplace-based assessment tools, assessment of equivalent learning and the development of academic careers.

Find out more about the entry requirements, skills and interests required to enter a career in bioinformatics (physical sciences).

Continuing professional development

No matter what level you are working at, as part of your development you will be expected to do continuing professional development (CPD) to show that you are keeping yourself up to date with the policies and procedures in your area of work.

Find out more general information about professional development.

CPPD for healthcare science staff

The Accredited Scientific Practice (ASP) programme provides the opportunity to regularise the approach and develop a formalised model of structured continuing personal and professional (CPPD) in healthcare science, driven by the service and employers. It provides you with a transparent education and training CPPD framework linked to academic qualifications and quality assured work-based training.

To keep abreast of the introduction of new scientific and technological developments, employers will require you to develop new knowledge and technical skills. ASP, an innovative and well defined programme of professional development, will:

Read more about ASP on the Health Education England website


As a clinical scientist, you’ll be required to register with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

You’ll also need to hold an Academy for Healthcare Science (AHCS) Certificate of Attainment granted upon completion of the MSC Scientist Training Programme or AHCS Certificate of Equivalence.

Find out more about the Academy's Certificates on their website

Please check individual job vacancy details for information when applying.

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