Corporate services

All corporate services staff are specialists who use their professional skills to provide services across the NHS.

Corporate services support both clinical and non-clinical areas. Some corporate services are mainly for patients, such as hospital play or health promotion staff; others, such as human resources, support other NHS staff. Some, including surveyors and architects, have a lot of contact with organisations outside the NHS.

Business services

Like most organisations, the NHS needs business services to make it run smoothly. The NHS has to make sure that finances are properly budgeted and spent wisely and that clinical and non-clinical staff are recruited fairly and properly trained. You could work in:

Technical and buildings

Professionals in the corporate services team look after the technical aspects of the NHS. Buildings have to be managed professionally so the NHS can be a good landlord or tenant. New building projects need professional advice to meet the needs of a modern, expanding healthcare service.  Roles include:


Patients and their visitors need services besides the treatment that goes on in hospitals and health centres. They may need the comfort of some spiritual help or the stimulation of involvement in the arts. Staff, too, need support to do their jobs. They may need guidance on healthy lifestyles and staff who are parents need to know their children are being cared for while they work.

Corporate services staff usually join the NHS with qualifications and experience. As a member of the wider healthcare team, everyone is encouraged to take further qualifications and to progress in their career.

Most corporate services staff are members of their own professional organisation. They keep up their skills with short training courses, conferences and seminars where they can network with others doing the same type of work.

See a list of the types of roles available in corporate services:

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