Renal technology

Renal technology is used in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with kidney disease.

In this area of healthcare science, you will ensure equipment is working properly and train staff and patients to use it correctly.

Role overview

The diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease is known as nephrology.

Patients whose kidneys are badly diseased or damaged, will usually require a kidney transplant or regular treatment with dialysis in order to stay alive. Dialysis is a process that filters your blood to rid your body of harmful waste, extra salt, and water.

Complex equipment is used in dialysis, and replaces some of the functions that the kidneys would usually do for themselves, such as blood purification, fluid removal and restoring the balance of electrolytes in the blood.

Working life

As a healthcare science practitioner in renal technology, you’ll be:

Who will I work with?

In this area of healthcare science, you’d work in hospitals and patients’ homes and be part of a team that includes doctors specialising in renal medicine, specialist nurses, pharmacists, social workers and dietitians, for example.

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