Window cleaner

Window cleaners work as part of the estates team, making sure that windows are cleaned regularly.

This page has information on the role of a window cleaner in the NHS, including entry requirements and skills needed. 

Working life

It is important that NHS buildings are kept clean both inside and out. This ensures that buildings are safe places to treat patients and pleasant places for patients, staff and visitors to be in.

Depending on the size and position of the window, as a window cleaner, you may use

Some windows can be reached from ground level. For others, window cleaners may need to use

Many hospitals and other NHS buildings have glass windows or partitions inside, which also need to be kept clean. Window cleaners may have to work inside as well as outside.

Some window cleaners may take on other tasks such as cleaning gutters or the outside of buildings.

Who will I work with?

You may work alone, particularly in a small building such as a clinic or health centre. In larger buildings, you could work in a team. You may work at more than one NHS site and travel between sites in an NHS vehicle or your own vehicle.

Particularly if they are working inside a building, there may be staff and patients there, but window cleaners do not have direct contact with healthcare staff or patients.

Window cleaners may work for businesses providing window cleaning services to the NHS.

Entry requirements

There are no set entry requirements. Employers ask for some literacy and numeracy skills. They are more interested in your reliability, attitude to work and willingness to work hard. You may also have the opportunity to get a qualification by doing an apprenticeship.

Skills needed

You'll need to be

You'll also need a head for heights and good organisational skills.

Other roles that may interest you

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