Facilities management

Facilities managers ensure that the services that patients need during their stay in hospital are available, such as meals, linen and a clean environemnt. 

Working life

As an NHS facilities manager, you’re typically responsible for a broad range of services including:

Roles in facilities management

Roles in facilities management are varied and available at different levels. Here are some examples:

Domestic services manager

As a domestic services manager, you’d be responsible for planning and organising the work of those carrying out cleaning and other housekeeping tasks. Domestic supervisors (below) would usually report into you.

Domestic supervisor

In this role you’d be expected to:

Senior facilities manager

In this example, based in a trust providing mental health and learning disabilities services, you’d be responsible for a number of areas including all aspects of:

Who would I work with?

As a facilities manager, you could be working with catering managers, hotel services managers, estates managers, senior housekeepers, linen services staff and finance managers.

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